What We Believe

Were we to condense the sum of our beliefs into a single statement, it would be that expression uttered by Jonah from the belly of a great fish: “Salvation is of the Lord!” When we can see ourselves as the weak, sinful creatures that we are, and God as the exalted, sovereign, holy, pure essence that He is, we understand that apart from His grace and mercy, we would be utterly lost.  Salvation is of the Lord. It’s all of the Lord. It’s not decisional. It’s not earned. It is entirely by His grace.

We subscribe to the biblical doctrines of sovereign grace commonly described using the acrostic TULIP.

Total Depravity

All men are sinners by nature, and are dead to spiritual things. Apart from God they are unable to do good or to seek Him. They are not only passively overcome by sin, but actively and willingly engage their strength, ability and gifts in pursuit of things that displease God.

Unconditional Election

Election is God’s eternal choice of certain, specific individuals for salvation to heaven. This choice was not based on any seen or foreseen merit in these individuals, but was motivated solely by His sovereign love.

Limited Atonement

Limited atonement describes the full payment of sins for a limited number of individuals: God’s chosen people. The benefit of Christ’s atoning death accrues to all of those He chose, and only to them. God’s family includes people from every nation, tongue, and tribe. And though the number saved is limited, the work of salvation is not. God’s redemptive work did not merely make salvation a possibility, but was alone sufficient to secure the salvation of all those loved and elected by the Father.

Irresistible Grace

Every member of God’s chosen family will be quickened, or born again: this infallible, irresistible operation of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of God’s children turns them from the power of Satan to God. God doesn’t try to save men. He doesn’t plead with them. He saves them! What He purposes, He does; nothing can stand in His way.

Preservation of the Saints

Through God’s preserving grace, His children will never finally be lost, for they are kept by the power of God. All those loved by God before the foundation of the world will spend eternity in His presence in heaven.