How We Worship

What can you expect when you visit Camp Creek Church? You’ll find a group of people who try to serve God by serving each other and the community. You’ll observe a simple style of worship: a cappella singing, public prayer, and preaching. You will notice that all age groups learn and worship together in one integrated service. But we hope most of all you will feel the love we have for one another, and the warm welcome we give visitors.

Jesus came “not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance” (Luke 5.32). If you feel to be a sinner, then we welcome you to worship with us. And when you come, be prepared to feel loved and accepted — regardless of your past — for God’s abundant grace has touched all of His children.  There is no background so vile, no person so sinful that His grace cannot heal. God loves you. God has forgiven you.  God desires to have a deeper more intimate fellowship with you.

We invite you to join us in a relentless pursuit of Him.

Called to Serve

We share a passion for a life of faith and service focused on the Lord Jesus Christ. We desire intimacy with Him, for Scripture teaches us, and experience confirms, that He is the only source for true satisfaction and joy. We exalt Him in worship, and serve Him through service to others, both in practical ministries and in the propagation of the gospel.

Simple is Better

Jesus Christ gave His followers a very simple pattern to follow when He set up the church. We try to follow the examples of the early churches by adding as little as possible to the practices we find recorded in scripture.

One Body

In the early days of the church, each local congregation was addressed as a single group under the authority of local preachers. It’s a model we still follow. When we worship, we gather as a single group. When we face decisions, our ministers give scriptural guidance and our members agree together on actions.

Having Love One for Another

The scriptures are clear that love should identify Christ’s disciples. After all, Christ showed the way with love toward us we cannot describe. It is that love that motivates us, and it is that kind of love we are called on to live out in our daily lives.