Who are the Primitive Baptists?

Primitive Baptists are a people who yearn for “the simplicity that is in Christ” (2 Corinthians 11.3).

We hold to the plenary inspiration of Scripture, and strive to uphold its ancient truths. We revel in the message that God is sovereign in all things and is alone worthy of worship. We rejoice in the biblical theme that “salvation is of the Lord,” for in this simple truth He receives all glory and honor and praise.

Rooted in New Testament church tradition, our corporate worship is remarkably uncomplicated: congregational a cappella singing, prayer, and biblical preaching. Entire families worship together, creating a strong sense of family solidarity, and extending the pulpit ministry into individual family devotions. This beautiful simplicity is designed to keep Him the center of our focus, the object of our greatest desire: it’s all about Him.

Primitive Baptist church polity follows in the “free church” tradition of our forebears; because no denominational structure exists, an element of diversity develops between churches of the same identity. Each local assembly answers to none but the great Head of the church, the Lord Jesus.

Ahhh. Simple truth, simple worship, simple practice — all centered around a God who is anything but simple: He is infinitely loving, yet infinitely wrathful and sin-avenging; He is infinitely holy, just and glorious, yet intimately interested in His children. He is everything to us.

And we’d love to share Him with you!

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