Are you active in evangelism and outreach ministries?

We believe that the church’s mission is to spread the gospel – the good news of the finished work of Jesus Christ which brings “life and immortality to light.” 2 Timothy 1.10.

Individual evangelistic opportunities occur daily as believers model Christ’s love, share with others their joy in walking with Him, and stand ready always to answer the question, “What makes you different?” But our outreach doesn’t stop there: as God has opened international doors of opportunity, faithful servants have been willing to answer the call. Today there are active evangelistic efforts in the Philippines, India and Kenya, as well as radio and tape ministries extending even to remote corners of the world.

At Camp Creek Church, we minister in nursing homes, visit and financially assist the sick, widows and orphans, collect and distribute food and clothing for the poor, and actively support White unto Harvest (Philippine outreach) and the Lilburn Cooperative Ministry.

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